I am graduating in May. All of the equipment I use to do my journalist thing belongs to my school. Furthermore I am moving to the Dominican Republic for a year to work at an orphanage and do media for a non-profit. And so I have come up with a brilliant plan to convince my parent of three important, yet totally obtainable, pieces of technology that I need to do my job and keep in touch; a smart phone, flip cam and Mac.

A smart phone would provide me with not only the international capability for my parents to call me whenever they feel a heart attack coming on, but also a wide range of communication possibilities. By smart phone I don’t just mean iphone, but whatever smart phone can support applications like qik.com and/or ustream.tv. What these websites and applications allow you to do is stream live video from your phone. It’s really easy. You go to the app store or internet on your phone. (If you do have an iPhone it’s a free application, but it’s also free to everyone else). It will have you make a user name and password. This will allow you to manage your videos and video page. Once you have put in your phone number and other required useful information it’s as easy as pressing a button on your phone and going viral. Once you start recording your video is automatically streaming live online. When you are done the video is posted to the website and, if you choose, to your Facebook and twitter. Basically my parents can see me live wherever I am! (To see tutorials on these website visit wordpress.com/practicumpioneers/tutorials.)

Oh the magic of a flip cam. If I had a flip cam I could do video for not only myself but also for the organization for much less. Flip cam would allow me to capture the amount of video I needed to then turn around and plug directly into my (cross your fingers) Mac and make edits. It is light weight and easy to carry making it the ideal camera for days in an unknown land. Ranging from $150.00 to $250.00 a flip cam cost much less than a new hand-held and is available in HD.
Finally the mac daddy ( get it) of college graduation gifts… a new Mac. I have never had a Mac. Don’t get me wrong I think pcs are ok, I have one now, but my editing life would be much easier with the simplicity of a Mac. iMovie would legitimately provide me with all the editing capabilities I would need for the year, Even if I did decided later I needed something more final cut is ok with me! Plus, my parents could rest easy knowing I had super easy to use and reliable technology to Skype with them on!

As I write this I am realizing that my digital camera is broken……maybe I can get my grandma to get that for me.

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