Dear Friends and Family,

I finally did it! I will be graduating in May with a degree in Journalism from Belmont University. As I began looking at possible career options I decided a service year was what I was meant to do. I looked at a lot of different organizations and options, but none of them seemed to really fit what I wanted. I went to a luncheon one day in University Ministries where I met Tori Harris who worked with Dove Missions and told me I should check it out. I did and things just started to fall into place. Dove Missions is a 501 c 3 mission organization stationed in the Dominican Republic. A woman named Liz McKie started the mission organization in 2002 and began leading trips from the States. In 2008 she set up permanent residence in the D.R. and has been helping the youth there ever since. They started an orphanage, school and after school programs to not only take care of the children but help cultivate the next generation of leaders.

When I finally spoke with Liz and learned about everything they do I knew it was where God wanted me to be and I will be leaving Sept. 1. While I’m there I will live with Liz and become a part of the community she lives in (Puerto Plata). Along with helping at the orphanage and after school programs I will also so be doing media work for Dove. There will be a video blog and trip blog that you can follow all of my adventures at

I am so excited to embark on this next chapter of my life and see where my travels take me, but I can’t do it alone. For a year of service I will need to raise about $10,000. Furthermore, all of the equipment I use to do my journalism work belongs to my school so there are some smaller items (a flip cam, Mac Book Pro, smart phone) that I will need to most efficiently serve my part as media for Dove. Most importantly I will need your prayers. Prayers for safe travel and stay, for those already in the D.R. and the nerves of my parents are all greatly appreciated!

If you feel led to donate you can go to the Dove Website and click on the donate via paypal link. Write my name in the subject line and indicate it is for my service year. You can also write a check directly to me or Dove Missions. All donations are tax deductable and if you need a receipt there is no problem!

Thank you so much in advance for you love and support!

Amber Garner
601 Hillmeade Dr.
Nashville, TN